Thursday, August 19, 2010

African National Congress (ANC) media tribunal

Those clowns in the ANC are at it again. Now they want to restrict the free press by way of a government run media tribunal. South African President Jacob Zuma and the ANC are clowns and this is just another example of their clownish behavior.

With so many corruption charges being filed (and even more alleged) against Zuma and other ANC officials, of course he's looking for a way to silence the Press and his critics. Zuma is acting more like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and less like Nelson Mandela whose goals of a free and open nation as slipping away. If Zuma's media tribunal becomes a reality, I fear South Africa will be just another corrupt African nation instead of the beacon of hope & democracy that Mandela envisioned for his country as well as the rest of the continent.


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