Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ESXi vs Hyper-V

"IT is being served by a combination of vendors, some of whom are working to provide a clear path forward, and others that are struggling to hold on to the past." Now this was a shot across the bow (figuratively speaking) at Microsoft by Bogomil Balkansky, a VP with VMware. It's very funny to picture Steve Balmer (CEO of Microsoft) holding onto the leg of a customer begging that person to stay with Microsoft. "Please, please stay, Hyper-V is getting better every day. Really, I promise it is." Very funny.

In putting together a pilot program, I started out with Microsoft's Hyper-V technology but in the end changed over to VMware's ESXi bare metal hypervisor and the vSphere client for administration. It annoyed me that Microsoft required either Vista or Windows 7 in order to install the client software required to administer Hyper-V virtual machines. There are lots of folks out there still on XP at work (I'm one of them) so the fact that VMware's vSphere client works well on Windows XP is just another nail in the coffin of Microsoft.

Of course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.


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