Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Holiday Season and Weight Loss

I generally do a weekly weigh-in as a means of keeping myself in check.  Nothing fancy, I just post a tweet with my weight.  I decided not to weigh myself during the Holiday season because I needed a break.  So my last weigh-in was December 6, 2012 and I was 191.2 Lbs.  Today I started back up with my weekly weigh-ins and 190.4 Lbs was the number.  If my math is correct (and usually it is), I actually lost just a bit of weight during the Holiday season.

How did this happen?  Not sure; every chance I got I ate lobster bisque and steak plus I know there was dessert mixed in there somewhere.  I did keep up with my exercise - even when vacationing in Las Vegas.  Being obsessed can be a good thing.


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