Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (credited to Daniel Goleman)

There are four major components of Emotional Intelligence:

1. Self-awareness: being conscious of, and understanding, your emotions.
2. Self-management: controlling your emotions and impulses in a variety of situations.
3. Social awareness: being conscious of, and understanding, how emotions affect others.
4. Relationship management: creating and maintaining relationships across a spectrum of social levels; the ability to motivate others even in challenging situations.

During my time in graduate school my favorite professor, Dr. Singh, spoke of the importance of this subject and even brought in a World renowned speaker for the class.  This all translates to how you interact with those around you (getting back to my roots in Sociology!) and has a direct effect on your work life.  Be aware of your surroundings (especially people); it's what the military calls, "Situational Awareness."


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