Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'm disappointed with George Soros.....

George Soros is still mad at the American people for electing George W. Bush President. So what does he do as his latest gesture? He makes a grand donation to Human Rights Watch (an organization founded by Americans in America) but with the caveat that it must not be an American-based organization anymore. He gets to make a big splash but also stick it to the US because they elected George W. Bush as President. As a naturalized American citizen, he must respect the electoral process but I think he forgets because he's used to always getting his way.

The United States of America supports Democracy and Human Rights around the World - always has and always will. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; these are the ideals that draw people to America. George Soros is a smart man, but he is not smarter than the American people (even thought he likes to tell them what to think).

I admire Mr. Soros but increasingly he is sounding more and more anti-American. I was very disappointed after listening to his recent interview with NPR about the donation to Human Rights Watch.

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