Saturday, January 12, 2008

My favorite episodes of Miami Vice

I am a child of the 80's - I have all five seasons of Miami Vice on DVD. I had a Saturday afternoon and wasn't doing much so why not put together this list. My top 10 episodes of Miami Vice are:

Miami Vice pilot
Episode #001 - Season 1
Alternate title: Brother's Keeper
Air Date: 16 Sep 1984 (NBC)
Director: Thomas Carter
Writer: Anthony Yerkovich

Episode Summary
Miami police detective James "Sonny" Crockett reluctantly teams with New York bred newcomer Ricardo Tubbs to solve several murders connected to a mysterious Colombian drug lord.

Why I like this episode: This is the pilot episode and started it all off. It also started the feud between Crockett, Tubbs, and Calderon.


Hit List
Episode #004 - Season 1
Alternate Title: Return of Calderon
Air Date: 19 Oct 1984 (NBC)
Director: Richard Colla
Writer: Joel Surnow

Episode Summary
Tubbs fights to save Crockett and his family from becoming the next victims of an Argentinian assassin hired by Calderon.

Why I like this episode: This episode continues the feud between Crockett and Calderon.


Calderon's Demise
Episode #005 - Season 1
Alternate Title: Calderon's Return pt 2*
Air Date: 26 Oct 1984 (NBC)
Director: Paul Michael Glaser (the dark haired guy from "Starky & Hutch"
Writers: Joel Surnow & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr.

Episode Summary
While on the trail of Calderon in Bimini, Tubbs falls in love with a woman, and is forced to consider his loyalties.

Why I like this episode: Tubbs travels to Bimini and falls in love with Calderon's daughter. But in the end Crockett kills Calderon.


Sons and Lovers
Episode #044 - Season 2
Air Date: 9 May 1986 (NBC)
Director: John Nicolella
Writer: Dennis Cooper

Episode Summary
Angelina Calderon returns to warn Tubbs that a price has been put on his head by her vengeful brother.

Why I like this episode: John Leguizamo is Orlando Calderon, Angelina's half brother. He ends the episode by blowing up Angelina & stealing Tubbs' son.


The Afternoon Plane
Episode #061 - Season 3
Air Date: 20 Feb 1987 (NBC)
Director: David Jackson
Writer: David Jackson

Episode Summary
After winning a dream vacation to a remote Caribbean island, Tubbs discovers it's an elaborate trap designed by vengeful drug king Orlando Calderon.

Why I like this episode: John Leguizamo returns as Orlando Calderon to seek revenge upon Ricardo Tubbs. But Tubbs kills him and finally closes the book on his feud with the Calderon family (because he and Crockett have killed them all).


Definitely Miami
Episode #034 - Season 2
Air Date: 10 Jan 1986 (NBC)
Director: Rob Cohen
Writers: Michael Ahnemann & Daniel Pyne

Episode Summary
Castillo attempts to organize the surrender of a crime boss; a mysterious woman with a dangerous boyfriend leads Crockett on.

Why I like this episode: This episode was more style over substance, but it had Ted Nugent as the bad guy - angry young man!


Episode #021 - Season 1
Air Date: 3 May 1985 (NBC)
Director: Rob Cohen
Writer: Paul Diamond

Episode Summary
Crockett asks to be taken off a case after he learns the identity of the undercover agent trying to nab an arms supplier.

Why I like this episode: Good episode where something from Crockett's past comes back to haunt him.


Episode #013 - Season 1
Alternate Title: Golden Triangle, part 1
Air Date: 11 Jan 1985 (NBC)
Director: Georg Stanford Brown
Teleplay: Joseph Gunn & Maurice Hurley
Story: Maurice Hurley

Episode Summary
Posing as hotel security, Crockett & Tubbs enlist a prostitute to help them capture a pair of safecrackers.

Why I like this episode: This is a good episode because it gives viewers the back story of Lt. Martin Castillo, played by Edward James Olmos.


Golden Triangle
Episode #014 - Season 1
Alternate Title: Golden Triangle part 2
Air Date: 18 Jan 1985 (NBC)
Director: David Anspaugh
Writers: Maurice Hurley & Michael Mann

Episode Summary
Castillo asks Crockett & Tubbs to help him find an old adversary, a drug smuggler who has kidnapped his former wife.

Why I like this episode: Lt. Castillo gets to bust the man who ordered his death when he was with the DEA.


Episode #060 - Season 3
Air Date: 13 Feb 1987 (NBC)
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Pamela Norris

Episode Summary
Crockett is investigated after authorities discover a link between his physician girlfriend to a drug kingpin.

Why I like this episode: Helena Bonham Carter, Crockett's girlfriend, betrays him and almost costs him his badge - good stuff!

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