Thursday, May 10, 2018

All Those Different Web Browsers

Because of the nature of what I do for a living, I work from a laptop with a very large external display. So working this way I get to use a traditional web browser, in my case actually I use four (4) of them to manage the various cloud services that I'm responsible for. The fact that I can't find one that does everything that I need is frustrating. Chrome is the gold standard but it does eat up resources on your system (go and check Task Manager and the running processes to see what I'm talking about). There is Microsoft's Edge browser but only for those users on Windows 10 (which I am). I can't believe how many times I run into problems with Edge, especially when it comes to sites associated with Microsoft or with services that are built upon Microsoft technologies & platforms. How is that even possible? Do the folks on the Edge team not talk to other departments? Again, how is that even possible? I also use Mozilla's Firefox product (I'm writing this post using it) which recently has improved itself. And then there is good old Internet Explorer. There are many, many sites that both myself and the users I support that IE works best for. I will close this post by saying that as more & more work of technologists (like me) is done "in the Cloud" the need for a stable, robust web browser is essential and Google's Chrome browser is my product of choice.

Remember there is no Cloud, your data is just located on someone else's computer!

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