Thursday, June 15, 2017

How Do You Quantify “Better?”

It’s a simple question with an oh so complex answer, how do you quantify better? Specifically, in terms of cost, how do you quantify better in the context of paying for a better class of internet access?

Internet access is the foundation for everything that gets done in the business world today, you simply cannot operate a business without your employees having access to the public internet. If you have an office where your people gather to work together, they need a fast, reliable connection to the internet. As an organization how much are you willing to pay for internet access? How much is too much? Do you need a 100 Mbps symmetric fiber connection or will coax cable be enough? Can you scrape by and use a Wi-Fi hotspot that has a cap on the amount of data that can be used without incurring additional charges?

These days practically every task that is part of what your employees do takes place in the cloud. So if everything is in the cloud, a fast & reliable connection to the internet should be considered mission critical. I’ll ask the question again, how do you quantify better (in this case better internet access)? How much are you willing to spend so that your employees have a fast & reliable connection to the Internet?

 - Rob  

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