Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dog-fooding, base-lining and knowing when something is off...

Dog-fooding & base-lining are phrases known in the tech industry. To "dog food" something means that you are using it on a daily basis to see if the technology works as advertised. Many tech firms "dog food" their own technology as a way of proving that it works. To establish a baseline is to determine what normal looks like. In the case of network traffic, what is the normal pattern of data flow across your local area network on a Friday afternoon (when everyone is trying to complete their work and get out of the office) as opposed to a Tuesday morning. What is the baseline performance of your application?

With the help of data collected while dog-fooding & base-lining you (as an organization) should be able to tell when something is off. That something being the performance of your application, the performance of the network, whatever it is that's bother you.


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