Friday, October 30, 2015

Location, location, location and that oh so pesky weather

Location, location, location, who thinks about that in IT? If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, then everyone should.

What do I mean by location? Think in terms of all the different locations that your company operations from \ in. Add to that weather and it becomes a business continuity planning & disaster recovery matter, plain & simple.

As business expands into new markets you must have a plan for dealing with bad weather (rain, tornadoes, snow, etc) and can your people work from someplace other than where they normally work. Can they make & receive calls using a number associated with the business? Can they access resources online if they don't have their company-issued laptop? Here's an interesting one, can they print?

Answers that might seem obvious during normal times get lost when things are tense. People under stress simply don't work was well as when things are normal (remember, employees are people though sometimes companies forget that fact). So have a plan for what they need to do when things aren't normal, that way they have something to fall back on. Practice, practice and practice. Make sure that your employees practice what they are supposed to do when things aren't normal and they can't work in an office.

- Rob

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