Monday, October 06, 2014

Files in the Cloud

Files in the Cloud, it sounds so simple.  But as with most things in life it gets complex real fast.  Using cloud-based file sync & storage solutions is simple in concept - instead of storing files on a Windows file server accessible via network file shares (think mapped drives like the G or M drive) they get stored with a cloud-based vendor that you access via a web browser.

While Windows file servers were designed for central administration & control, cloud-based solutions have been designed from the ground up as decentralized (meaning anyone can share their files with everyone else).  This can be a hurdle for an organization (even for users) used to the idea of Windows files servers.  This is where the concept of Change Management comes in - its not a technical matter, it has to do with how workers do their job.

An organization must change its mindset as part of the transition from just using Windows file servers to incorporating cloud-based file sync & sharing.  Operating in a hybrid environment gets even more complex.  Some employees work from home while others work from an office.  Some employees use domain-joined computers while other bring their own device.  These are just some of the considerations an organization must keep in mind when transitioning to the Cloud.

- Rob

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