Sunday, October 13, 2013

What's IdAM and more importantly, what's it good for?

What is IdAM and what's it good for?  IdAM stands for Identity and Access Management.  What is it good for?  With more & more organizations moving towards decentralized environments where their employees bring their own computing devices (known as BYoD) and they gain access to the company's systems via services, IdAM becomes pivotal.  How else is the company going to know who is accessing what when their employees are working remotely?  IdAM allows the organization to control who accesses what cloud-based services, when they do it, and what happened when they did it.  In a business world where the Cloud comes first, IdAM is essential.

Falling under IdAM are the concepts Federated Identity and Single Sign-On (SSO).  From an end user perspective, single sign-on is the easiest concept for them to grasp - all they have to do to get access to the systems that they need to do their job is to sign-in once.  On the back end, its more complex but as with most technical concepts, Management asks, "Will it make money, will it save money, or will it save time?"  IdAM will save time for the end users and that is how it should be sold to Management.  Instead of employees having to remember a bunch of different apps, website address, user accounts, login names or password, they just have to sign in once and that will save them time (and frustration).

I believe that IdAM is a primary skills required for Technologists & IT Pros moving forward.  A Conductor or Orchestrator of services is where a Technologist will spend the majority of their time in the next decade.  IdAM will be at the heart of it all.

- Rob 

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