Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hypervising It Part 2...

The first part of my 'local' virtualization project is complete, the type 1 hypervisor (aka native or bare metal) has been built out and remote access & management have been tested.  But it wasn't easy.  

The original hypervisor installation didn't see any of the on-board network cards on the server hardware.  Luckily I found a copy of the installation files on the hardware vendor's site and using it the hypervisor found all of the on-board network cards.  I then went through the process of configuring the hypervisor including assigning certain network cards as management interfaces while others are used by the virtual machines.  Everything was ready.

Setting the parameters for a virtual machine is straight-forward - how many virtual processors, disc space, and RAM do you need.  For simplicity, I built out the first virtual machine using CD installation media (an ISO file can also be used), booted the virtual machine off of the CD and went through the normal Windows installation process.

The first milestone in the project is the build out of a new virtual machine (specifically a Windows file server).  The new file server has been built and is online.  Now comes the hard part of this project, converting physical servers into virtual machines.  Specifically I'm going to convert several legacy Windows Server 2003 boxes into virtual machines.  I'll post some thoughts after its done.


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