Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Architecture & Design.......

Architecture and design are important parts of what I do as a Technologist. I find that as I advance in my career, I do more architecture & design than actual hands on implementation. I believe this is true in most fields - the head chef at a restaurant spends more time deciding what's on the menu, who to buy from, and who'll work what shift. The line cooks are the ones cooking your steak and making the sides dishes.

I spend lots of time researching different solutions, writing up the proposal (with different aspects such as the initial cost, product features, total cost of ownership over a five year period, things like that), making my pitch, and finally doing the prep work. The actual execution of the project takes the least amount of time but proves to be the most fun - I get to see the fruits of my labor. That is one aspect of Project Management that I find most satisfying - reaching the project's goals. There is a start, the middle parts, and then you reach your goal (project completion).


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