Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Cloud and moving everything to it......

I found an article regarding the top security concerns for software-as-a-service and it was spot on. The concerns are as follows -

  1. Identity management - This is one of my pet-peeves as an administrator. You need to be able to control access to the applications and its data and Identity Management is the way to do that.
  2. Cloud standards - An organization needs to be able to move its apps & data from one provider to another, this is just common sense.
  3. Secrecy - What is the vendor doing? Security through obscurity doesn't work.
  4. Anywhere access - I'm a big believer in this concept, but you still need Identity Management to make this viable and to mitigate risk.
  5. Where is your data - this is the double-edged sword of the Internet, DNS servers outside of the US point users towards alternate URLs and your data physically sits on a server in Romania. Welcome to the World Wide Web version 2010.

Interesting stuff. "The Cloud" is the future of computing for all but the largest of corporations and eventually everyone will be there.


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