Saturday, June 12, 2010

My impressions of Microsoft Tech Ed 2010

My take aways from Microsoft Tech Ed 2010, held June 7 - 10 in New Orleans.

I enjoyed the conference and look forward to going back. I have some pictures that I'll post soon. The following are a few of the take aways from the conference -

  • Microsoft is all about the cloud.
  • Next generation VDI will feature RemoteFX.
  • Remote Desktop Session Host is the new Terminal Services
  • Have a reboot strategy as part of your patch management plan.
  • Defense in depth for best security.
  • 2014 is when DNSSec will be fully implemented by all major ISPs - be prepared for it.
  • Sign your DNS Zones with digital signatures.
  • Change your default DNS port from 53 to whatever.
  • Your goal as an IT professional is seemless access across boundaries.
  • If you have IPv4 addresses, then you have IPv6 addresses.
  • Invest in user education when it comes to IT Security.
  • Integrated security is the least expensive over time.
  • Citrix's XenApp technology allows for local file association.
  • Link local is the private IPv6 address and allows an administrator to do something similar to NAT for IPv6.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 wukk yse encaptulation technology so the two can work together.
  • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) can be configured to filter all inbound & outbound email traffic. FOPE supports SPF records and has a rule for blocking NDR backscatter.
  • Virtual desktops are useful for all enterprises, but not all users.
  • Enabling Windows Scaling will increase the performance of your network. The drawback is that most routing gear out today doesn't support it.
  • Selective Acknowledgement should be used in every implementation of TCP/IP. Enabling it on my networking gear will cut down on latency.
  • Firewalls should never speak, they should always silently discard (known as selective acknowledgement).
  • Use a full duplex tap to listen to network traffic with a program such as Wireshark.


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