Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What did California think would happen?

Power Play Over Immigration Law - Arizona might cut power to LA.

What did California think would happen when some of their cities passed resolutions boycotting Arizona and any contracts with Arizona based companies? Those activist local politicians in Cali need to get a grip! As I'd stated in an earlier post, America is a nation of immigrants and I want people to feel welcome. But California needs to stop trying to hurt (economically) Arizona and stay out of its state business.

I think the Federal government will make progress on national immigration law reforms but it's not up to California to act like a bully. I think the local politicians in places like Berkeley and LA need to spend less time worrying about what is going on in Arizona and more time conducting the business of their communities. Did they think they could threaten the state of Arizona and nothing would happen in return? Those local California politicians are both STUPID and NAIVE.


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