Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Different stuff.....

Lots going on these days. But first I must comment on last Sunday's Dynamo game - I haven't seen scoring like that since Prom Night! Geez, the Houston defense had more holes in it than OJ Simpson's alibi. But they won and that is what counts.

I'm working on a collocation project for my current employer. I'm big on planning and prep work - that is the only way I see things getting done in a reasonable amount of time. I also favor an incremental approach - don't do everything at once, instead take several smaller steps and build toward milestones and the main goal. That way you can back track in case mistakes were made or you need to come up with a different approach (because management has changed its mind). I've got the servers built out, I've got the software in place for replication across the WAN, and I still must configure the firewall for the new data center. But I'm having to wait on the co-lo vendor. Always with the waiting!

I thought that after I earned the CISSP certification, folks would be pounding down my door begging to offer me IT Security related jobs - fat chance of that in this economy. I felt the same way back in 2006 when I earned the Master's degree but still had trouble finding a job. What is it going to take for someone to offer me a high paying, IT Security related job?

Rob Hiltbrand, MS, CISSP

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