Monday, July 20, 2009

David Beckham's "committment" to MLS

I called into the Dynamo All-Access radio show with Glenn Davis this evening and put in my two cents regarding David Beckham – he’s not going to be there at the end of the season for the Galaxy. He will head for Europe as soon as he can. Why? Because around October/November is when Fabio Capella, the coach of the English national team, starts to finalize his roster for World Cup 2010 in South Africa. It was Capella who told Beckham that if he wanted to make the English World Cup team, he had to be playing in Europe. Beckham’s only professional goal now is to make the 2010 World Cup roster for England. So while Beckham is saying that he is committed to MLS and the Galaxy, he’ll simply tell them he’s leaving and then leave. MLS and the Galaxy will tell the US Press that it was a mutual agreement because they want Beckham to have his opportunity to make the English World Cup roster, but in private, the MLS brain trust will be furious that once again, “Becks” has gotten the best of them. In the Fall of 2010, after the World Cup, David Beckham will come back to America and tell everyone that will listen that he is committed to MLS. Then he’ll retire.


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