Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Las Vegas 2007

What can I say about Las Vegas that hasn't already been said?

This is my wife and I at Freemont Street, in Downtown Las Vegas. We went there one evening to check out the light show.

If you are going to stay on the Strip (like I did), then stay at the MGM Grand, the rooms were nice and amenities plentiful.

Night time is the right time for Vegas - this picture was taken on the bridge between New York New York and the MGM Grand.

This is a great shot of the Strip at night.

Here is another great shot of the Strip.

Another photo of me on Freemont.

I loved Las Vegas at night.

My father joined us in Las Vegas for a few days.

When going to Las Vegas, don't be cheap. If you have to, save up the money so you can do Vegas right. Go eat at a nice restaurant and see a show. My wife and I love Wayne Brady ("White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Brian Gumbel look like Malcolm X" - Dave Chappelle show) and saw him on his last night at the Venitian. We made sure to eat at Delmonico's (the Venitian) and Emeril's restaurant at the MGM Grand.

Is it just me or is America getting bigger and dressing worse every day? Now neither my wife or I will be doing underwear modeling anytime soon but we do exercise. More than 2/3rds of the people we saw in Vegas were fatter than us! And what is the deal with all the 40 year old white guys running around wearing t-shirts with cut off sleeves, denim shorts, white socks & white shoes walking around the casino floor with a beer in one hand (still in the can) and a cigarette in the other? If I see too many of these types in the casino, I'm out the door quicker than these fellas can say, "Hey lady, bring me another beer while I finish playing the nickel slots." And lets not forget the tattoos on their arms of the Dixie flag and the single fake diamond stud in their left ear. What were they thinking?

I don't even mind the fat folks, but America, please dress up a bit. At the Wayne Brady show, there were so many people dressed for a BBQ. Wayne even told a guy, "Hey, thanks for dressing up for the show." In the guys defense, it was his "best" t-shirt. My wife, father, and myself went to a well known steakhouse and spent several hundred dollars on a nice meal. But several times I looked up to see someone coming in wearing blue jeans and there was even a Vanilla Ice wannabe wearing a hat. What is it with these people? Spent a little money on nicer clothes, please. Plus the restaurant should have enforced it dress code. But as my father pointed out to me, if you can pay the bill, they'll let you in and all of these folks had money.

Who bring their small children to Vegas? A baby stroller on the casino floor is just wrong, period! Trying to shoot craps with a baby in one arm and dice in the other is wrong! I can't believe that I'm the moral compass on this one - I spent most of my time gambling & drinking adult beverages and I came away as the Saint!

115 degrees Fahrenheit was the average for the four days that I was there. During the day, if you were outside you'd better have shade. Going to the pool was fine except if you couldn't find some shade you weren't out there long. Good pools at the MGM Grand - another reason to go there.

With all of this being said, of course I'll be going back there. Viva Las Vegas.


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