Sunday, February 04, 2007


In my short time as the technology manager for a small company, I've come to the conclusion that management is more about planning and less about doing. Now I'm lucky in that I'm the individual responsible for both the planning and the execution of those plans. If I managed in a larger organization, I'd spend all day in meetings and/or sitting in front of my PC drafting plans and I'd have to delegate the actual work to others. In order to be a successful manager, I must get used to that idea - I can not do everything myself. After being in that frame of mind for most of my working life, it will take some getting used to. In the Navy, even though I was the Work Center Supervisor and had between 5 and 10 people directly reporting to me (depending upon the month), I spent more than half of my time doing analytical work. Then again, I had a good crew and I'd trained every one of them well. Maybe that is the key to success as a manager, put together a good crew and train them well. I need to make sure and write that down so I don't forget it!


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